CATHOLIC SCHOOLHOUSE (Kindergarten through 8th Grade)*

Catholic Schoolhouse (CSH) is a supplemental, classical program designed to provide support, structure, and enrichment to your homeschool.


The core of the program is the Tour Guide, which lays out weekly memory work verses in a variety of academic subjects. Families may also purchase audio CDs with the memory work set to music for at-home listening.  During class time, volunteer parent-tutors review these verses and use a variety of activities such as hand motions, games, and arts and crafts to reinforce the material.

Our program also includes art and science classes. Art classes feature works of art corresponding to the historical time period studied, and introduce a variety of media to expose students to new experiences.  Science experiments focus on the hands-on and messy. These correspond with the memory work while also working to develop observation and scientific skills.

Catholic Schoolhouse guides children through sequential topics, rotating over a three-year cycle. The full scope and sequence of the program can be found here. The 2021-2022 school year will be following Tour 2, Ancient History (Creation to 1500).

The beauty of the Catholic Schoolhouse curriculum is in its flexibility and its encouragement of family unity. The program is flexible because it can be adapted to fit any homeschooling structure or style. Every family must use their own math and language arts programs at home. However, if you are a unit-studies or more Charlotte Mason inclined family, CSH can provide a spine or jumping-off point for your other subjects at home. If you are using a traditional or all-included box curriculum (such as Seton, Kolbe, or MODG), CSH can provide simply a day of extra enrichment and community. Catholic Schoolhouse also encourages family unity because all members of the family follow the same Tour.


In addition to doing Catholic Schoolhouse art and science, our upper level grammar students also read, discuss, and write about one or two pieces of literature each quarter, related to the historical period we are studying. In doing so, they experience the crossroads of religion, history, geography and literature all at once.

*Please note: while we use the Catholic Schoolhouse curriculum, we are not a registered chapter of Catholic Schoolhouse.